Custom Landscape Lighting Solutions

Custom Landscape Lighting Solutions

Well Light

If you're looking for light without actually seeing the fixture this is your answer.  Buried into the ground the well light allows for the same bulbs as our larger bullet lights, from a 1.5W to 9W and others in between.  Out of the landscapers way and out of sight this is a great answer for certain applications.

Wash Light

​Excellent for a broad uniform spread of light.  This fixture has many applications including highlighting architectural features, backlighting broader leaves like palmettos, and lighting an area from close range.

Step Light

A very versatile light, it can be surface mounted or recessed into a step or architectural feature.  This LED driven fixture allows for a wide spread of light from a very close source.   

Bullet Lights

The most important tool in most landscape lighting layouts.  We use two different size fixtures that can be customized by using 1.5W to 9W LED bulbs using a 15° to 55° angle lens.  2700K to 5000K temperature bulbs are available based on the end user's preference or color of the 

Nose Light

Providing subtle lighting, this low profile fixture works great for paths, wall posts, driveways, dock pilings, or outdoor living areas.

vegetation.  These fixtures can be installed using a stake, raised above ground cover using a riser, or mounted to a tree to shine down.

Dock Lighting

​A beautiful way to add subtle yet effective lighting all the way to the boat.  The piling caps are constructed of either fiberglass or copper.  With many sizes to choose from most dock pilings are suitable.  

Available in either square or round caps.

Path Lights

Three different designs and two different sizes allow us to light the way.  These lights can be mounted onto different size risers for various heights and come in multiple finishes to match or stand alone from the rest of the home fixtures and architecture.

Landscape Lighting

All of our fixtures are built entirely of brass.  This allows them to withstand harsh coastal environments and remain serviceable.  Most of the fixtures come in a variety of finishes including - Vintage Brass, Beaded Brass, White, Nickel & Copper.