Modulus Speaker / Light

An extremely versatile piece the Modulus has many different options for configuration depending on the specific needs for each application.  

You can have a speaker on one side and passive radiator (for bass) on the other or if you need to reduce total fixtures in an area use a speaker on one side and a landscape light on the other side.  Also great for emitting audio in two different directions from one place.

​Outdoor Audio

Monitor Audio Climate Series Speaker

Monitor Audio is known for their speaker clarity.  This wall mountable speaker is able to be mounted horizontally or vertically on an angled bracket.  With built in passive radiators, for bass, these are excellent sounding speakers built to last.  

Available with 5", 6.5", stereo 6.5", and 8" bass drivers, all come with 1" C-CAM gold tweeters.

Rock Speaker

A natural looking rock speaker that allows for more audio range than using the bullet speakers alone.  These are constructed from fiberglass and stainless steel hardware.

Available in 6.5" and 8" sizes.

Bullet Speaker

​Utilizing the same solid brass as our lighting fixtures this speaker can blend right in while staying durable.  Available in multiple finishes to match the rest of your system.

Bollard Speaker

​The absolute best in outdoor speakers.  This speaker comes in a 2-way version that can be blended with subwoofers that are in the same housing or in a full range 3-way version that will impress the most discerning of audiophiles.

A large speaker that is 80% buried in the ground allowing you to blend amazing sound directly into the landscaping.

Custom Landscape Lighting Solutions

Custom Landscape Lighting Solutions

We offer a variety of speakers and amplifiers designed for the outdoors.  With advances in technology you have the ability to carry your entire album collection right on your phone, set it free.